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little toad what do you see?i see love hate and apathy;i see cristians jews and athiestsi see fools of sorts who go off to war.but dont know what they are fighting for.
Won’t you listen? Do not ask my name, For that was not my question. Heed my words and my message. Both of you, All of you, Every one of you. The world is crumbling,
Dear to bear witness To this lifes sickness And the grutus way Mankind gets this We are born free Yet born to just die Ur first freedom slipped so quickly Gods beautiful creation
This is the place where all the kids come out to play...when it's real late and no one knows their names. Playing more than video games.
Life only favors the richWorking hard till deathWill we ever stop to restSeeing the rich enjoy lifeThe poor watch with doleful eyes  
As the music plays, the only way to feel again is let love in. Can't you see it? Smiles contagiously shine. Ecstatic bliss overwhelms hearts. Consciences brighten with what is right. The color yellow glistens on the faces of the world.
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