Won't you?


Won’t you listen?

Do not ask my name,

For that was not my question.

Heed my words and my message.

Both of you,

All of you,

Every one of you.

The world is crumbling,

Tearing itself at the seams.

Listen at me,

I am only trying to help.

Look who tears the world apart.

Can’t you see the culprit?

Place your hands in front of your face.

You are staring at a criminal.

Yes, exactly.

You did nothing and neither did your hands.

That is the crime.

Get up and help.

Get up and do.

Do something,

Won't you?

Make this world a better place.

Stop the crime,

Stop the hate,

Stop the hunger,

Stop the poverty,

Stop the corruption.

Throw it away.

Take notice that I have not demanded help from one country, 

one race,

one person.

I am talking to YOU,

people of planet Earth.



Need to talk?

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