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The storm is ringing in my head, 
Me and the world are holding on to peace like it's 1969 but really though Like a nation at war we are tied What a conceptual terror that is Like a world at peace we are bound
123 binds me I wish they would set me free. I simply want to be.   
I am, A worshipper, Of the heart, bound to find Strange ways to fill the loneliness, In it. #cinquain
I stand. I look up and see such a beautiful view, a view of a future that a desperately long to pursue. It seems so close, if I just reach out my hand.  I try to float to this dream, but I remain where I stand. 
I hold right in my handMy future and my fateI pray my hurt will heal fast And end now all my hateHow could they not realize My pain and my distressI know I must just end it now 
"Death whispers to me, saying"honey pretty please" But even if I ask it to leave, It still follows me. I turn down a dark alley, But no it's just a hall way, And i'm late for biology.
Endowed with many emotions Some which lead to eternal devotion The rings that bless those who wear And given then to another pair Together entwined their hearts shall be
Whisps of ashy gray smoke occasionally drift over the walls. Sometimes, when the wind blows just the right way, I can smell the charred, silent world outside of my fortress.
I am bound to you. Every moment spend together, Makes my love even better. The littlest things you do, Proves to me that our love is truly true. My eyes no longer get wetter,
Bound up in leather, like the books And held by paper chains A heart no longer functioning Inside, no soul remains   They put a hat upon her head, pulled low To hide the brand
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