Just Breathe

"Death whispers to me,

saying"honey pretty please"

But even if I ask it to leave,

It still follows me.

I turn down a dark alley,

But no it's just a hall way,

And i'm late for biology.

But as I go in they,     stare at me

                                 glare at me

I'm wishin they would leave me be.

Trapped inside a dream,

But no it's a nightmare with no key.

I locked the door wishing it would leave .

As my tears mixed with my pleas,

Please. Just leave me be.

Why in the world can't you see?

I'm in handcuffs though you say i'm free.

I am silent though i want to scream.

This was the real me.

not bound but not free.

Not blind, no i can see.

Telling myself "just breathe" 

This poem is about: 
My community


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