slow down

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Sometimes we run. Just run. And run.    Sometimes not fast enough to escape our problems.   But sometimes we run  so fast we forget to  slow down  and enjoy our gift.
The river rushes westward, the edges licking clay banks and rock faces, like a thirteen year old boy   trying to figure out how to French kiss. A breeze whistles from the north,
Just a little longer please This thing called life is moving too fast. I can’t keep up The current held me back somewhere along the way.
I like to start slow I don't wana misinterprete the flow My mind takes a while to engage Constant weed Smoke All different flavours of super strains No need for legalisation We already Smoke power haze
My life, is great compared to some others, There is no logic for me to worry, I am loved by both father and mother, Thanks to whom, I never need to hurry.   Yet I live in the world, surrounded by:
Math is hard okay? Teaching faster than a rap. Slow down, it's no race.  
   Slow down, you're moving too fast.    Smell the flowers, try to make it last.    You only get to be this age once.    Darling you're doing fine.   Got your heart broken muliple times.
Breathe Woah! Where are you going? Why all the rush? Your strides are lengthy Your heart’s beating fast Stop Right here, with me Take my hand I’ll show you The beauty you’re missing
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