To be heard scholarship.

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It might be dark, it might be grey, but this might be a mark, for a better day,
Sometimes we need to inhale a stormy day, and let it wash the pain from days of agony away.   Sometimes we as humans need just one day of sorrow and gloom,
Never give up, especially when times are tough and things seem dimmer; Those times build us, mold us from fragile dust, into clouds that shimmer; To something by far more meaningful and far much greater;
APRIL MAY April, oh April
Childish Attention whore Fat Ugly That's what they called me The names that still ring in my ears as clear as the blue ocean that wraps around your toes and covers your feet with momentary protection
Raining in the middle of the street  We dance to a Rhythm
The month of June rain on rain the summers pain Reclaiming the the country's plains
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