Sometimes we need to inhale a stormy day,
and let it wash the pain from days of agony away.
Sometimes we as humans need just one day of sorrow and gloom,
so that we can unleash what we keep locked up inside our selves and watch it bloom.
So ill look upon our unpredictable sky, 
and I will dream of feeling the drizzle of my own cry.
And it's then that I'll realize the beauty in the rain, in it's color, gray,
Of all the colors in the world it is my favorite, because of stormy days. 
To most, the colorful gray beauty of rain is dull, sad or boring.
My sleepless nights say otherwise, for it's only the gray that accompanies me in my snoring.
I do not see glory or joy in the sun,
Because a downpour is better, bearing life to everyone. 
The rain doesn't judge, it falls apon anything and anyone, putting out heated emotions, fire,
in such ways I myself desire,  it leaves me to do nothing but stare and admire 
It falls upon creeks where it gently flows,
and upon hard cement where I'll dance, feeling the water beneath my toes. 
There I will hear the anger of life unleashed by the rigorous clapping of a cloud.
Most will hide from it, But I, I will be awestruck by a tone so loud. 
Im in awe from the beauty life can bring from days like this 
so I cry along, my own tears hidden and missed.
As I find my release this way,
I’m in caged, every other day. 
So for My wish, I would plead and ask,
Could we have but one more overcast?


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