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We occasionally fall in love with the right person With the perfect, the immaculate or the wrong one We’re naturally numb When we fall in love
I love; I really love your voice and your dictionRecite me a poem in an unknown languageI don't give a darn about the pronunciationUndress the words; I love them when they're naked.
You fail to realize the destruction seen in my tears, Of everything you put me through in my adolescent years. Finding it hard to see past the drink; Never taking the time to reconsider and to think.  
Hearing my secrets That's still only a small part of me You don't comprehend how much life's taken a toll on me But I'm good I'm great Hearts pumping no mistake
I can't show you what I've been thru, I can only show you what I look like. I can't show you what its like to be me, I can only show you what I like. I can only show you.
Take our world. Take every inch of dirt, every blade of grass, every backyard, and every round beach ball on a summer day. Don't broaden anything. I mean every single one.
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