Makes me tick?

Take our world.

Take every inch of dirt, every blade of grass, every backyard, and every round beach ball on a summer day.

Don't broaden anything. I mean every single one.

Think of every person you've seen today. Every person you've seen in the last week, and if you can, every person you've seen in the last month.

Think of the women with the frown who tailgates you in traffic. And that old gentleman who tipped his hat at you in the grocery store. Don't forget the young child who offered lemonade to you when you didn't have a penny to your name.

Think of the dinner she was late too, and who she let down because she didn't leave on time. Think of how the old man was delighted to greet you, and how delighted he was when you nodded back. Think of how the young child wanted to raise 5 dollars to buy some candy he saw in the store, but his parents didn't have the time.

It's hard to comprehend each and every aspect of life; how each and every person has their own life with their own hardships.

Trying to grasp this concept is like trying to wrap a present when you don't have enough wrapping paper, but you have no choice but to keep trying. 

That's what makes me tick. The goal of understanding every person and every life. Will I grasp it all? I won't if I stop trying, and that's what makes my mind tick.


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