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Diamond Bertha Glory sparked her way With brilliance and shine she danced Her steps leaving no one astray Her mood was so full of luster She paved a path of a following Leaving not much in the way to muster
Today I do not wish to be awake
Silence. The house is filled with silence. Daddy's battered Subaru sits in the driveway. Is he here to see me? His little girl, His little mouse. A manila envelope, A few words,
EMOTIONS  I'm Not Feelin So Fine Not feelin so great Hate. The way I feel Hate. The patients to wait. But in the end, I'm feelin fine. Every night through the day I feel high, up, down, O-kay
Which is better depression or mania   What is worse organic psychosis or obscure sadness    You see the bright white i see the solemn  grey I don't mean to sound desperate but
Euphoria Yeah that's what I'd call it EUPHORIA: the feeling of being up until 2 am The feeling of never wanting to sit still The realization that the night is too beautiful to sleep through Yeah euphoria
The poison spills our weak undernourished minds Spinning through our bones Like clockwork waiting to be unwoven  Tracking time, never ceasing, waiting  Works unseen, whispers of the wind 
I cannot l
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