Diamond Bertha Glory

Diamond Bertha Glory sparked her way

With brilliance and shine she danced

Her steps leaving no one astray

Her mood was so full of luster

She paved a path of a following

Leaving not much in the way to muster

Tunes would come about at random

Of oldies and disco ragtime and Cisco

Which she would sing offkey at tandem

Arranging the vocals without ever pleasing

To free her racing cluttered mind of the disorder

Which arranges the Order and species of self-pollenating flowers?

Drawing the crowd which she, in turn, enamored

She took pleasure in the nightly hip-hip-hooray clamor

Brought by her fans who longed to portray all their misfortune

To celebrate life whilst the rain struck their flesh and blood daughters

Who realized that they had engaged in some brutal child slaughter.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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