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The leaves are beginning to change colors as they slowly start to fall and hit the ground, And the smell of pumpkins and fear fill the air and it travels in the wind all around.
Count Dracula is a tale which is thousands of years old But yet we don’t understand why he seems so bold
Before these teeth sucked blood? That’s a distant memory One coated in infinite agony I saw her there, in the field, lying half-dead in mud  
VAMPIRES LOVE   When your scared, I'll be there and hold you tight. Under the moon in a starry night.If i was a vampire would you let me bite.So we would be together for eternity
We can never step into the light of dayElse the burning phoenix takes us awayLeaving nothing but ash and charred bonePlease, forgive my dark toneWe are cursed you seeCursed by the powers that be
Think of me as delicate, crippled and easy for you to destroy; crawling on my hands and knees, a burned and sickly looking toy. Think of me as enslaved, trapped inside your hands
His pale skin burning in the sun Is all that people see But then at night when darkness comes He changes completely.
In a dark dream that I couldn't wake up from, I heard the voice of a dead loved one calling me.
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