Growing Pains

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in May I cut my hair as short as I dared and stood before you with bared neck. and then suddenly I didn't anymore resemble the little girl who sat on your lap, looking up,
Mirror, mirror on the wall I’ve thrown away your crystal ball No more fake love stories, no more feeding girls lies I see right through your little disguise
I have a big Green house on a hill and it’s Giant and clean And full of space and I Can’t wait To get it filled up with things that Portray my New life with my husband.  
So I've never been one for these poems and things Writitng has never been a strong suit of mine But I'm sick of holding back Being the big kid, the smart kid, the one my parents never worried about
    You stare with this speck in your eye that glistens when I speak.  I may soon assume you love me. I give you gentle touch like you were once in my womb.
growing up. what does that even mean anymore it doesn’t just mean learning it means learning to doubt yourself everything you thought you knew you felt for sure you would never do
A sprouting flower still frail and green Before it bloomed they doubt what they see Quantified judgments have been made before
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