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Heart wrecked, mind dead I think I might’ve misread Now it left me to bleed, My feelings mislead, And I’ve tried to flee So i can be freed
Im in a prison. Not a real one, but one of your creation. I try to bust through the bars but I can not.  Although it used to be a lot worse. I could not break through any bars or windows
  America is probably the cruelest place to live, This is a developed country, With the most money, Yet so little to give,
Education, it seems, Is nearly as mediocre as social media, Except it is more restrictive. Things like cyberbullying, harassment, and fallacies are allowed in school,
We have a lot of mountains That seem too hard to climb. We try to solve our problems And then run out of time. We've been checkmated so often That the game's out of our hands,
"Can't put your mind in a cast but broken things aren't meant to last  Like walking on broken glass reminding you bout scars of past cause the world went by so fast  But not you,              your stuck
His fingertips stroked my lips softly, As he poured life onto me   I gasped at the sudden coolness and Embraced the warm sunlight Shining on my bare back   I moaned as his liquid flowed down,
When I was a little girl, the world couldn't contain my imagination. I was the one who would look at the moon and wonder what it would look like, how brightly it would shine, if it was twice as big.
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