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When I'm not as happy as I would like to be Or something has me down, I try to find what's wrong. I spend some time with my dog, or sometimes just mess around. I'll paint my nails, I'll braid my hair,
Solitude is where my comfort exists And where I'm most blessed to be  Which is why I find myself
You ask me what gets me out of bed every morning with a smile on my face and welts on My arm.
It’s about the season, The colorful leaves, like I always dream, It makes me smile for no reason.   The crisp outdoor air, Cut pumpkins everywhere, Cider being warmed,
I choose to live my life for this very moment for this moment may not come tomorrow.
Senior year is finally here! Wow, time just flew right by. I have decided that this year I am gonna branch out and talk to new people. I still am loyal to my other friends of course!
This is a poem about how I accepted band,
Music is the way I start off my day Music compels me to achieve more Music helps my day from becoming grey
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