Happiness Through Victory

You ask me what gets me out of bed every morning with a smile on my face and welts on My arm.


Once the blade is in my grasp,

Power and adrenaline rush through me. 


Energy pulses through my veins. 

My opponent stands across from me, eyes like embers burning into my skull.

My palms are sweaty, my body shakes with nerveous anticipation. 

En Garde.

My blade and I move as one. Dancing across the strip in majestic beauty and gracefulness. 

Points are being scored.

One more, one more, I remind myself.


The masks come off. 

My hands are dry. My body no longer shakes. 

We shake hands. 

My mouth breaks into a huge smile.

I raise my blade in victory. The medal gleams around my neck. 

This is pure happiness. This is why I wake up every morning with welts on my arms and am Still able to smile. 

I live to fence. I fence to live.


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