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Time changes us As we grow older We forget who We once were
Freedom is not a word, Is is not an emotional state. It is a beautiful bird that cannot be caged. There are many that will try to take it away. They will burn it, humiliate it--and they'll even make it cry.
Where does Sun’s light touch the distant horizon; a place of peace and faith Where then does Moon’s face shine, when she still hides other side in shame
We fear the feeling of acceptance because we cannot accept ourselves. 
From our view the moon goes into secrecy almost every month; it simply makes itself invisible to or eyes, but it always comes back; the moon aways ends its secret ventures. Maybe we are sometimes like the moon,
Facades, masks, disguises, we live in a world filled with lies. All the fibs we tell, we are never truly ourselves.   Conformity,  the rules set by society,
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