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These Days It Seems ... " EXPOSURE And SHAME " ... Seem To Be The Themes By Which Most Now Play … Playing The Game of Lying Away … !!! About Who They Are In Their World of FARCE … !!!!!
The nothingness of space envelops me As I drift amongst a sea of stars. Cold, unfeeling, this is the space we exist in,
I look you in the eyes and I dont feel a thing anymore Love changed and it just doesn't feel the same anymore  It’s to the point where I stopped trying to force what’s not there anymore
How hard can it be? To get up and face the world and swim against the current while a storm begins to brew. To swim throught the swirling media bombarded by infromation at all time, he said she said,
Virginity:   By Shanti Lunita Bartz   We braced ourselves, Dear bodies, For the breaking and the bliss.  
When your skin has been torn from your bones,And your life ripped apart,You have no choice but to part With the ways of old.Or continue on the same path,And refuse to fit the given mold.You can uproot the world with all your wrath,Lashing out with
It's inevitable. We all shout, cry, scream, and drown in our dark thoughts But it's how we decide to fight those moments that makes us unique, Me- I go back in time.
I feel dirty I am ashamed I am a disgrace How long did I think I could keep this up? Even though I knew that it wouldn't be long till I was found out Every time Never fails I feel like crying
Modestic Elegence.
It started years ago, In a time much simpler, When I was young, My first exposure. In first grade, I was, With a teacher and a class, When I learned, My first exposure.
Hello My name is Ashleigh I am a 19 year old African American female that was born in December Not only am I trying to succeed in beating out the statistics I am also proving that I can and will be something
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