Immigration Laws Dream Act

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When the door shuts behind me The walls begin to crumble  The word hope as left my reach as it flies into the submessive dark  How did i get here?  In a world that is not perfect 
We come here in hopes of a new life,we come here in hopes that we'll surive,but we're not welcomed here, we're pushed aside told,you come from the wrong country please leave or die.
I’m finally beginning to come to the terms with the fact That I live in a world where most people would rather build a wall than a bridge That dreams are not for children
Brought into the U.S. barely lived a life only two years old Didn't have a voice but now I pay the price Don't see half my family but I study every night What good is having good grades
Our intentions are to find a better Life. We come to this country to work that's all. When we get here we are treated like bad people We aren't given a chance to explain. They take our rights away and throw them away.
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