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American pride is wrongfully written its true meaning is hidden beneath zealous jingoism   pride, on a Mohs scale, is a ten
can't we scatter our love like seeds in the spring  and watch them grow and hear the birds singing  and as the passer-by smells  newborn fruit  it will give them a reason to follow suit.   can't the love we accept be the love we give?  the hungry
Stonewall is the starting point we see, the first to proclaim with upmost honesty that our hearts aren't constrained by what you have between your feet it's merely the fear of something you don't know commonly
Make me look, because I don't want to. Make me see it, because I don't want to. But it's there. Its staring me in the face, and I can't take it anymore. Hate.  Thats it. 
Pulse defines Life Life  defined by Love Love defined by One One  decides Wrong and Right "Right"  takes 49 Lives Lives robbed of their Pulse Pulse
Orlando, tomorrow is formingmorning after the night before no more as we pretended Mourning informed by scores of innocence ended sinisterly splintered bodiesfriends once befriended
I find myself reaching to find my pulse searching for the steady sign  that I am still alive    Fingers pressed down on wrists digging through the flesh and bones that knit me together
Please Hold The Applause Just Close Your Eyes And Here The Thoughts Of A Young Mans Whose Pulse Is Not Great The Life Of My Life Is Unjust And She Lies But Doesnt Realize She's The Reason                                  I Lost Faith
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