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I was born a blank canvas, nothing but white surrounded thier eyes. i was aweful to look at. All they felt was pain and despise. something was missing from me, and then i understood.
The lights go up, the mics are readySet up the camera, nice and steady“Quiet on set!” Ready for the showAll prepared, waiting for my go.
  Tiny souls with life's first breath, parents wait to know what's done, Sou
I find myself staring at her scars I never thought I’d see battle wounds So close to home; I open my mouth to speak To say anything at all But it takes much more Than just a few words
If not today, then someday. I want to be the modern day Shakespeare. I wanna wake up with my heart pounding because my job gives me a rush of adrenalin, for I know my job would leave a long lasting cultural impact.
Just one job, just one life. The attempt to erase pain, the attempt to end strife. It's time for my dream to become a reality, It's time to step out and let God use me.
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