Changing the World

Just one job, just one life.

The attempt to erase pain, the attempt to end strife.

It's time for my dream to become a reality,

It's time to step out and let God use me.

I want to help the world become a better place.

I want to see a smile grow on every face.

I want to love people like they've never been loved before,

So they can see what Jesus came here for.

I know that I will travel the world someday,

To show every person that there's only one way.

I want to reach out my hand to those in need. 

I'm ready to run ahead and take the lead.

We need to show light to a world that needs hope.

We need to give the love we have and the love that's not our own. 

God calls us as christians to reach out to all the nations,

Every single day we live in every situation.

God has called me to go out to every boy and girl.

He's called me to do his work, to go out and change the world.


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