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Too fat, too skinny, too linky, too thick (quit) , Too fat, too skinny, too linky, too thick (average) ,
You're proud and strong, Even though you have your struggles. You put us above many things; Above your relationships, Above your work.   The first year we met We almost reached the top.
Life has a way of tearing people down. Whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally. Sometimes we get so used to things tearing us down we don’t recognize when we do it to ourselves, or to other.
I am a swimmer. Jumping into the pool, feeling the water against my skin. I am a swimmer. Listening to my coach, giving me words of advice as I compete against grown men. I am a swimmer.
The first meeting I had, I was scared but I didn't let it show. I didn't realize that the popular boys where on the team.
When I was a little girl I would obsess over the horses. I decided to dance instead,  But they never left my mind.    As the years went on I felt like I was different from the rest.
I used to be          weak.  But now I am         strong. I was          angry,         frustrated,         defeated.   But you helped me          to prevail
My coach is someone who cares Someone who works hard, despite his gray hairs During the tough times or the relaxed days I always strive to hear his praise The praise of a coach is not easily earned
We scored a goal. We lost the game. We still celebrated in the rain. The coach, he yelled. The subs went in. The fact that we lose and we still grin. I pass the ball. I stop the goal.
The neverending chorus of shrieks Pierced my ears Left a headache The worst hour of the week.   The crying was worse Caused by anything
I’m not just a coach. I know I’m always right But I’m not a massive douche. I wish I was taller, I make up for it with my truck; My truck wishes she was taller too. My wife wears my pants
You Loyal, honest Teaching and helping Inspiring us all everyday Amazing
I'll explain, and I'll try not to weep as I speak. But please listen, and don't ridicule me. Things occur for a reason just like the transitions in every season. The love I have for Him has sprouted up, and will not wilt.
T  eaching is the job for me E  ducating teens with intensity A  ll the while instilling integrity
  A father in continuous labels               Slumped by life’s merciless challenges             Transcended every failure
Tears rolled down my cheeks with sorrow, I felt I wouldn't live to see tomorrow, I sat in a chair with my shirt over my nose, Trying to cover up one of my life's lows,  Coach of the track team held a meeting,
Coach “Coach I want to play soccer” No you’re playing golf The scholarships will give you a better shot “Okay”
WITH LOVE First off coach I would like to say, You have made me who I am today. Without your guidance; or words of wisdom, I would not look at the world the same.
You promised a chance A moment to prove, To leave all out on the court There is nothing to lose. Yet alone here I sit Observing, lightheaded, voice sore, The encouragement failing
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