2 Brown Leaves

The neverending chorus of shrieks

Pierced my ears

Left a headache

The worst hour of the week.


The crying was worse

Caused by anything

Too tired or untied shoes

Parents yelling ‘honey what hurts’.


The fighting went on for forever

Jealousy over a pretty pink ball

And just like that

A friendship was severed.


Words were indecipherable

Complete nonsense

Having to just nod and smile

The gibberish made me miserable.


10 little monsters calling me coach

And an array of parents

Expecting a teenage girl

To have a daycare-like approach.


One day a 5 year old demon

Handed to me

His ‘2 favorite leaves’

To ‘cheer me up’ was his only reason.


He then said

To pass them along

When I’m all cheered up

And someone else is upset.


I began to look past the crying and screaming

To hear all the giggles

And for the first time

I was left beaming.


Moments after a fight

I watched two kids hug each other for no reason

The ease of creating friendship

Became a common sight.


When listening more carefully

To the nonsense babble

I could hear that their stories

Were just spoken excitedly.


365 days is much time to achieve

A gradual change

But my respect for kids

Only needed a gift of 2 brown leaves.

This poem is about: 
My community


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