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Chemical world Its a chemical worldBy the system you are toldMore pills you feel much betteryou take more you feel clever Love my chemical worldI always do as I'm toldNice chemtrails up my noseMakes me love to overdose The doctor
Earning the blessing to be a pharmaceutical scientist…that is probably one of the most selfless things conceivable to me.Every day on the job will be an effort to eradicate disease.Tuition,SAT,GPA,SSL hours?
Shapes fill my mind,  subatomically created. And somehow, I find, this is all I've ever wanted. When I think love, oxytocin fills my mind. Then when that child is dying, crying, trying.
Welcome all to what I call my imagination, quite a unique thing let it fill you with facsination. But there comes a price to this talent you see, care to take a guess or let me show you what I mean?
Pills,Pills,Pills,A pill for all your ills,Pills,Pills,Pills,A pill for all your feels,Pills,Pills,Pills,For broken bones and broken homes,
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