Wed, 03/09/2016 - 04:09 -- TonyJ

Chemical world Its a chemical worldBy the system you are toldMore pills you feel much betteryou take more you feel clever Love my chemical worldI always do as I'm toldNice chemtrails up my noseMakes me love to overdose The doctor wants me to get healedAfter loads of pills I've squeeledI get inpired as I'm tokingand  in  a while I'm just smoking It's an artificial worldAll the lies that I'm toldA delusion of societyIn the last century The sicker I get the more I takeMore scenile, better for the fakeGive me more for my painLook rich guys how much you gain Take a long and deep breathAnything is better than deathWhen waking up in the morningIs always better than mourning After, they cut you with the knifeYou get sick and tired of the strifeNo one gives a damn about your painWhere's the love can you explain? Love my chemical worldI always do as I'm toldNice crop sprays up my noseMakes me love to overdose

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My family
My community
Our world
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