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Liar I have one for him and for her I have one for them and for us I have one for you and for me   The lies they come The lies they go From here and there They appear  
I am an environmentalistI am an activistI am a realist I am an elitist And I AM an Atheist But I am NOT a damn cynic!!  I believe that with our own hands we are destroying the organisms that roam this planetWith NO acknowledgement of the fact thes
The idiot stares at the page And reads his own death sentence And signs his name proudly on the bottom I guess I'm an idiot then. Cause every word I write takes time,
The me without filters needs a lot of work.   The me I am cares about people and yet simultaneously can’t stand them. If I had not a foresighted bone in my body, blood would surely be on the ground by now.
Love is not like what they show in the movies. I wish it were that simple.   Love is not pebbles hitting your window at midnight.
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