This is Not a Sappy Love Poem

Love is not like what they show in the movies.

I wish it were that simple.


Love is not pebbles hitting your window at midnight.

It is not laughing together until you cry.


Love is not a spark. As your heart ignites

a new flame, do not mistake love for attraction.


Love is not like the ending scene of “Grease” –

why would you change everything you are for some boy?


Love is not always saying yes to everything.

Love is not like the dizziness you get from standing up too fast.


Love is not writing melancholy poems because it is

raining outside and you miss someone.


Love is not a perfect kiss from someone as

inexperienced and nervous and excited as you.


Love is not starry-eyed and breathless late night phone conversations.


Love is not when you feel your stomach trip over the dignity you

dropped when you tried to say hi to your high school crush.


Love is not a lab rat race. Trying to figure out the maze because

if you can just get through, there is something perfect waiting for you.


Love is not built upon promises, broken or otherwise.


Love is not choosing to be slapped in the face by Cupid over and over again.


Love is not synonymous with heartbreak…at least not all of the time.


Love is not a physical ache from conjoined hearts –

Having part of you attached to someone else –


And yet that is the only way I can describe it.


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