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Humans all participate in a simple task. It makes society easier, if we all wear a mask. Everyone possesing secerets, stories we choose to disguise. All carrying a fake persona, so they'll believe our lies.
No one knows the pain I'm in, so i'll show them No one sees my pain, until they have to sew them
I know this, I know this, I know this, I don't, I do. I understand how to find the acceleration of a runner when given the change in time but I don't know what that runner would
Scars cover my skin
Here I am Yesterday's make-up smeared Hair a tangled mess Skin cold and dry Eyes barely open And this tightness in my chest I can't seem to shake. One thought over and over  And over and over 
Hiding behind what I'm not, never in the open.   I hold everything inside of me
I'm stuck.  Stuck here with these people, Doing things that make me unhappy. ...And things that make them unhappy   I go to the very place of my unravelings everyday against my own will.
Outside I am confident
I try to control this urge, To not lift my hand up to my head. Waiting for this feeling to submerge, For if I pull I'll for sure regret.   Can't keep my hands still, I must find something to do.
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