Humans all participate in a simple task.

It makes society easier, if we all wear a mask.

Everyone possesing secerets, stories we choose to disguise.

All carrying a fake persona, so they'll believe our lies.

Even I have traits, habits, & beliefs i choose to hide.

Just because they'd look at me differently if they knew who i am inside.

How i used to take apart a pencil sharpener, just for the sharp blade.

or the urges I still have, although the scars have chosen to fade.

The way that behind every smile-filled day is just another night I cry.

and the constant desire i have to die.

Maybe how i seem to have confidence all through out the day, but when i see my reflection i hate myself in every way.

or the boy im still in love with, but say i don't care at all.

because i wear a mask, like we all do, so societies acceptance wont take a down fall.


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