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Through the sun in the morning mist Words not yet learned I am alive again.
Congratulations it's a baby girl! It starts from their day one on earth. The 1st true colors you see is pink. Pink walls, pink cloths, pink crib, for god sakes even your dippers are all pink.
I miss playing at the playground and being naive.
Chrysalis dance around, Never mind the change you've abound. Orange burning bright with passion; Black delicately laced for fashion. Wings look able and ready to fly Through the forest passing by.
It will be a while till I am fine Until this jumbled mess in my cold chest That used to pump in its warm nest Is recognizable enough… to be called mine
His fingers were gentle, flowing as they flew over the keysThe sounds were pure and feelingWe heard the piano play, carefree as a childThen it jumped in chaotic movements chasing a little mouse
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