Discovering Me.


United States
39° 55' 10.6212" N, 76° 43' 19.5888" W
I miss playing at the playground and being naive. Not realizing that this world was filled with Demons and sin. Not realizing that l, myself would have demons within. Didn't know that I would barely trust my own damn Kin, or hate my own damn skin, and have insecurities, wishing that I was different.
As time progressed I started to stress about who I was and the person I wanted to be, the person I wanted to see when I looked in the mirror. It wasn't until recently that my vision got clearer.
I saw a beautiful Brown girl with a lot to offer. A girl with aspirations and no one can stop her. When she puts in the work to be the best, nobody can top her.
I AM HER. Brilliant, wise, and sun kissed from the heavens above. A young women who has learned to have self love. A teen with a dream and time on her side. A piece of art that holds her head up high and shows her pride. 
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