A new year!

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This is New Year's Day.The new year has arrived today.I hope things will be great during this new year.I hope there will be no misery, suffering or tears.2021 came to an end at twelve o'clock last night.
2016   2016 was such a hard year full of tears, sorrow and everyones fears. I wasn't quite sure when it had began all the bad things that would happen again.   So much death So much hate
Honestly the past year was kind of draining It put a strain on my brain My soul was full of pain However now with times collected And my sins deeply reflected
Twenty fifteen was a brutal teacher. She flew me out of my home three times to teach me home is not a house. She introduced me to hateful friends to teach me my enemies smile lovingly.
34,34 percent of teenage girls have at least one pregnancy before they turn 20 70,more than 70 percent of teenagers in general have at least one drink by the age of 18
Life, it is too short and sweet, But at times it's a bitter release. Live while your lights still on.
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