Life, it is too short and sweet,

But at times it's a bitter release.

Live while your lights still on.

May you make the most of the setting sun.

Death may always be trailing behind,

Don't you stop your journey, just climb.

Friends will come, and they may pass

There are many more as there are blades of grass.

Send your fears off in the ocean tonight,

Set sail for even greater heights.

You see the world, but only so far

You can't move forward if you've set the bar.

Simplicity is better.

Animosity leads to nothing better.

Grab a hand and pull your brothers along,

We can all stick together to the end.

Keep running with our dreams that won't ever bend. 

You have a message, scream it to the world!

This is your life, you won't see it burn.

Time is short, let the devil try his turn

But you've got the power

So let's celebrate the hour.

Follow with your journey

Run towards your desire.

A lifetime of memories,

It's the truest treasure.

Save a life and when yours ends, 

Close your eyes, a new one begins.




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