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Why are you so mysterious? Why are you so treacherous? Why are you in halo? Why do you keep malo?
I will forever say senior year has been my most stressful year All day I am filled with worry and fear The thought that if I do not do things well right now,  It may affect me in the future brings tears to my eyes
All I need is a Place to Clear my Head Sitting on salty rocks at a peaceful beach where shell and crabs are within my reach.
Enthralled in the incidence of youthThat colossal timeAs vivid and earnest as it is a perpetual stumbleLearning to balance in a world of high wiresAnd decorative spires that point to the clouds
A pop of color, A shimmer of light, That is all you need To feel a little less trite. A hint of pink, A bit of blue, Paint your canvas, oh sky, This is your venue. I see that dragon,
  Take out negative attitude Now accept you have latitude Living in the free land Our choice is where we stand We need to show our gratitude
Whichever wolf you feed is the one that lives. How am I supposed to be       positive amidst this mess? When I don’t belong here. When I can’t afford a ride home.
I promised myself that I'd never change. I declared to the world that I would remain, forever the same. Strength was my middle name,  And I could not be tamed!   What happened?
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