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Lyrics, Words Work Behold the meaning Behind the string of words that only seem incomprehensible. But understand the poetry in the music. Feel what I feel.    
In one chord I feel my heart rising. My breast heaves with elation. In the next chord I feel my heart dropping. My sobs tighten in my chest.
I love every sound and every beat.
Semisweet sounds fill the robust emporium Sarcastically, kids mimic the beauty of the melodies Soulful tones melt over every seat; molding the auditorium T
Music is my life
Screaming lyrics till I’m hoarse, Till my throat bleeds, then I’ll have satisfaction, Music- I sway, dance, sing, I scream with it. Take each carefully planned note like a last sweet and sour breath.
Sweet symphonies caress the ear. Abundant vibrations fill the hole. Dreams.
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