disney themed

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Snow White, Aurora, Jasmine, Belle Tiana, Cinderella, and my beloved Ariel. Seven Disney Princesses... Also known as the seven deadly sins.
The stroke of midnight, it warns me. Magic spells passes from eyesight Underneath the starlight, a crippled dress clings warmth Setting forth onto a path with two slippers. It figures it would end like this,
Once upon a time, Extraneous forces brought me at a roundabout, for I was at an impasse of life that I did not wish to bring about on my own accord,
Who could love such a beast you might ask But you are wrong to be asking For you should love with your heart Not those brown eyes That you use to see through everything but my heart
I've seen fairies  in the woods And Pirates at sea   I've seen a place where kids don't grow up And children 
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