The Evils of A Disney Princess

Snow White, Aurora, Jasmine, Belle

Tiana, Cinderella, and my beloved Ariel.

Seven Disney Princesses...

Also known as the seven deadly sins.

Disney Corp implemented

These beauties into our young lives

To sour the taste of our own insides.

They make us do all we can

So we can possess the “perfect man.”

We must display impossible features like

A skinny waist

Perfect hair

A pretty face

Long legs

And a witty air

All for the unhappily ever after.


We collect every doll in the store that we see

Because later, we’ll have to re-enact every scene!

We spend all night brushing that red, red hair

Dreaming of whatever our hearts wished.

Yes, I was a victim too, endlessly wondering,

How could I ever be pretty?

Does “ever after” ever exist?

Is it not for me?


I know I’ll never fit the Disney standard

I will never have a Prince Charming

It’s a fantasy because I am… lesbian.

Disney has become my fallacy

Yet I can’t stop believing

In the magic of love.


These princesses are deadly,

They are every girl’s foe,

But what they taught me

Is unlike any fairy tale before.

They helped me “come out”

In a very dazzling way—

By showing me that loving myself

Is far more beautiful than being fairest of all.


And if loving myself as much as I love someone else is a sin,

Then I will gladly let these devilish princesses win.  

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