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Don't slit your wrist,
I miss all the memories that never happened. I miss all the memories that made me whole. I miss the days we sat by the lake. I miss the days we stayed out too late. I miss you being my shoulder to cry on.
​I don't recall much since you've been gone  Everyone tells me to move on But how cam I walking by your room How can I forget when I sit at my desk where you told me to sit  Everyone said it would be alright 
We are the forgotten, We are the one's hidding behind our image. We are te ones who aren't seen, We are another number of another statistic. We are the one's with blood stained hands and a dark mind set.
I watch them. A stroll to ease a relentless mind. A smile faked, a laugh forced.  
Tears run down her face,  And loudly she weeps,
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