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i am sorry i am sorry if you confused me for home usually flowers do that too.   i dont blame you for doing that i dont blame you for throwing words into the sky
Time for mattresses to turnFor leaves to fall and pick themselves up againThe dust collectsIn the far corners of the closetWhere my
You are a child's entertainment. You are my entertainment. They scoff at your gaudy colours, They play you off as too innocent for their rebellious excursions. But I am here waiting with you
Why must you make me suffer?  One error and I am faulty?   Why do you uproot my regret and prevent me from my blossom?  Even the most delicate rose has its thorns, and you still
  She Became Aflame             Shining under starlight             Creeping among the twilight             Cuts and bruises, scar your heart
Something told me to take a walk.  I listened.  I grabbed the dog and out we went Down to the woods where the wild things live.
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