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We are all human beings. We all have feelings. You are all the same in that we are human. It doesn't matter what color we are. We should all be against racism. We are all equal.
Being A Hispanic was hard The black sheep they say, the same but different  Looked at ashamed by the ones we call our people  looked at different by the country we said was united
Speak to me with the voice of truth. Speak to me through the wisdom in you. Hold my hand and believe our countenance is insignificant. Hold my hand and believe we are in this universe but a tiny ant.
And I had never cried so hard. But once. And I had never died so much.
Who am I? What am I?
Everyone tries to be perfect, but in reality their unperfect. Trying to fight each other over popularity but either way we all got similaraties. We are all rocks. We come in different shapes, colors and sizes. 
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