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I've pedaled to the end of every road Just to search for your hand to hold
When the pencil shade is lighter an the sun glares brighter I find myself struggling with prose  yet the world turns cold  and soon my verses will grow old I must always have my blue rose  
The scholar and his studies dozes off to sleep but not to dream... for the scholar is weak  and his mind is weary all at once he subjugated to overwhelming force only to sleep 
At the sight of dawn these angry vapors spawn to spread their sadness  and cause us madness only because they didn't ask for this which is why they don't last too long 
Throughout existance, There has been a resistance To the one and only above. Despite my incoherence It was my parents Who introduced me to my unquestioned love.   He gives me my strength,
Maybe at times i did things that hurt, but i tried so hard that you will always see That having you was a blessing for you and me.
I wake up every morning standing in front of a mirror, I take on the habit of wasting time on adding a mask that only seems to be acceptable to society.
She lays on her bed
Everything SparklesIts all becomes clearOutlined in blackDetails suddenly appear
Don't you dare tell me to not be myself.   Don't you dare tell me that I can't accomplish and that I won't be able to finish.   Don't you dare tell me that I'm annoying
 Any Miny Mo Another guy picked hoe. Leaving her standing alone, Giving up.   He sits in a corner. Because his feelings, He is a hoarder. Left to give up.  
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