Sat, 09/06/2014 - 17:09 -- kellirp

She lays on her bed
Wishing of who she could be
Hoping that one day
Someone might see

That someone might see her beauty
Or care to know her story
To kiss her scars
And call her their baby

She steps off the school bus
And puts on her smile
She walks the lonely halls
And shes okay for awhile

Her makeup gets darker
Her scars become harder to hide
She tries to make friends
She tries to be kind

She knows plenty of names
She sees plenty of faces
She laughs with her classmates
But she never goes places

Sick of the silence
She picks up a pencil
Her journal becomes her safe haven
Her words rhyme still.

She starts to cry less
Her scars start to fade
Accepting her life as it is
She lives in the shade

It's foggy and rainy,
On this Saturday morning
She boards a bus to a convention
Her speech she's still forming

A stranger shares her seat
It's obvious he's nervous and shy,
He opens his mouth and says one word,

He continues to talk to her
Confused and tired she replies
She wasn't interested,
But she couldn't help but notice his eyes

They talked about their life plans,
And his beautiful green iris's stared
It was unlike anything she'd seen
Does this boy really care?

He was relentless in his pestering
No boy had gotten to her before
She was a puzzle to solve
She kept her gates closed but he still wanted more

One rainy Thursday morning
She let him buy her coffee
It was awkward and perfect
She was shaking awfully

There were many more coffee dates
Then came a kiss
In an hammock by a bridge
They could never forget

He told her he loved her
She said I love you too.
The smiles became bigger

Her wall he finally broke through

You're my protector
I'm the filler of your emptiness
We're the best of friends
Their sadness they no longer surpress


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