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i’m supposed to be doing homework,  but how can i focus on vectors when i’m picturing you on the edge, fire out of your control and closing in?   will i be enough for you
I have a fear of the unknown.  The idea of space frightens me, an endless void where what happens to me does not matter. I am afraid of meaning nothing. My room is full of stars,
No sorcery, magic, nor cursed art  Can decipher the maze of the Gemini heart
Love songs and empty words curled Around ideas of what love Should be, like horns that ram the unsuspecting, Shaking and shattering bones And all expectation of the
Passion and love to the point of arrest deliciosly improper thoughts her mind is an aphrodisiac
Having your sun in scorpio is like tripping down a long dark hole but you like it and you're proud of just how stylishly you are falling
No one understands my agony insideMe. Myself.No one will truly know e.
I am the Water, you are the Earth.  
The Scorpio stings! The Scorpio fights! No matter how much hurt you bring, the Scorpio will never take flight!   I am that Scorpio so loving and adoring. I do have a dark side though
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