Still Water Runs Deep


Passion and love to the point of arrest

deliciosly improper thoughts

her mind is an aphrodisiac

not just anyone can love her

but everyone is lurred in by her magnetism

she is the best and feels the worst

only black and white, no grey

there is red behind her eyes

the powerhouse to her soul

intensity, secrecy, and jealousy brushes its lips pass her ear

what's mines is mines she says

you can't keep up with her calculating mind

to love her once is to love her forever

to break her heart is to kill her butterflies

born in autumn, the season of death

she is the self proclaimed best

but loss today means victory tomorrow

she is a master of perception

her determination to succeed supplies resourcefulness, fearlessness, and vindictivness

karma is a bitch and her sign was probably scorpio.


Shanell Coleman

Scorpios are life!

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