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After you I spent years looking for love. For someone to fix what had been broken But I was wrong.   If you look for love when you are broken, All you will find is broken love.
It's not really late to say I know now. How flowers grow,  How earth is moving How you are moving How I am still.   And still I look For signs,
I had lost something Lost at sea it was not I set sail but all I found were people lost Some were following a captain Their actions commandeered by one voice But many were by their lonesome
I'm having this dream where I'm driving, and then, of course, you come along. I have never met you but I bet that because  I saw you in my dream we are bound to meet someday   
It is a question answers is many thing about... But breath to breath enjoy at live god is dance with you! Stop your breath anything nothing god is always that...
Who am I? Do I let you define me, no! It's my heart and soul that carries me. I am resilient and full of character. i am who i am
It’s foolish to
  Such gallant knight  went down in flightsuccumbing to the shadow  lured to his death  by whisper's breathwhile seeking El Dorado.  Came the shade  within the glade
In the parched places   I pausedfor a cool refreshing draft   and found myselfdown to my last drop but you   were thereto give me drink   to energize me
If you could see inside me
A mask, a guise A role to play Beneath them all A vast array Of people, thoughts, Of all clichés
The question is not what am I looking for in a school, its what a school is looking for in me.
A rush of iced ocean beneath my feet, Whirr of the helicopter in time with my heart beat. Clad in orange, and goggles too,
If Time passes like the wind is it really that Important? If people die every day do their lives even mean a thing? Why are we even here if we will just pass away someday? Why are we existing
I always look up to you, bro,
  I never thought I’d be here now But I always knew  I’d find you somehow Still, the cease of the smile on my face Brings me to believe That I’m still not in the right place/
It is hunting season and I must be the deer My huntsmen finds me and shoots without fear It hits but does not hurt and I do not die The reason of this I’m not sure why I fall from shock but it’s a soft landing
(poems go here) Blinding winds Separate from all others, Put out your arms Try and find the end The goal The howl Filling your head, steeped in whirls of thought The cold presses in
Most of the people I have known have thrown me to the curb, saying don't come back. The ones that were there for me; I had to leave. I searched through every group:
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