Love / Loving yourself

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I think he knows I’m alive, having come down The three steps of the back porch And given me a good once over. All afternoon He’s been moving back and forth, Gathering odd bits of walnut shells and twigs,
One wading a Fall meadow finds on all sides    The Queen Anne’s Lace lying like lilies On water; it glides So from the walker, it turns Dry grass to a lake, as the slightest shade of you   
The shirtless man by the ticket counter  has already broken the gloom here, his crowd   of two boys and the cashier with the Star of David    gathered around and mouthing astonishment
Dear Arieonna,   It’s 11:30 pm i’m writing to tell you i'm sorry. Sometimes I wish I had the ability to disappear
It's funny how everyone asks what's wrong but few tend to actually care. We as humans crave love, but love is rarely there. We question whats fair, when the pain we hold becomes to much to bare.
   While I sit in the dark, I recognize this lady in black. When I acknowledge her she stood up, but still in tears.   She stares at me in the dim room,
I see people walking all over this town They aren't glum, they aren't feeling down They have this glow about them something brand new They are in love, they aren't feeling blue
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