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Homosexuals are offended when people say they do not like them They want decent people to agree with their immoral lifestyle And if you denounce their obscenity, sodomy and sexual perversion,
It is time that the international community wake up to the absolute nonsense that the United States has been doing. . The foolish aim of the United States is to control the world with bad influence. .
A dreamer stole your heart a year ago. You told me goodbye and ran off with him. But I know that in time he will leave you. And you will surely regret your decision. .
These borders that divide us define our opportunities. Developing surrounds the developed. If it wasn't for these separations, could we all have equal opportunities?
We got to be greatly blessed for what we got.  I'm in the united states and I thought that was a stressful place to reside or plot If you can think realistically,
There's a place where the middle meets the east.   Some of it is made of sand, it's bland and you could get lost - in the smoke, the ashes, and in the tears of children and parents
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