"Embrace the Blessings Giving"

We got to be greatly blessed for what we got.

 I'm in the united states and I thought that was a stressful place to reside or plot

If you can think realistically,

There's families with kids that don’t eat nearly as much as you did today/

Or they probably haven't at all.

It gives me a sense a of shame or guilt

If I could help

 sense I'm a giver..

 To the disadvangted people.





 I would do much to feed the weaker

This makes me wonder why the world cant be equal..?

Or have a loving heart

We were all born on the same earth.

Common-sense and the word smart easily get separated apart.

I feel sympathy for those in poverty countries.

Just knowing that little kids are out there literally starving

I start to wonder scared about they're hungry tragedies

In these specific countries you'll see a lot of mistreatment



 A lot of the kids have noticeable rib cages.

I too know that feeling

It inflicts mindful pain,

With a good mental you shall be sane.

Id imagine that’s worse than jail,

Those parents and children don’t get to a bail,

Or a tray to keep them kicking still

Yes you eat but more than the unhealthy separated beings.

And you can recognize that saddened faces wishing they could get a full plate..

Americas reason of being is because, the people get a little to much wrapped up in they're own life's.

Too focused on themselves to realize what hell is embellished to a starving child's health.

I feel its immoral to let another person

Starve and have weekend bones

Shouldn't everBut all the other counties are in a deep hurt

Poor kids I've researched would eat dirt for "Deseret"

To them, Id imagine they feel like they've been trapped in a isolated desert

Without zero treasure.


I guarantee its hard to remain humble.

Please be thankful you can eat,

Or breath clearing air for the lungs,

Just bless yourself you have the privileges to at least be living comfortably

No matter what the system has doney human have strength to lift they’re feet?

Be thankful no matter what your life situation is!

Because, We all know others have it so much worse.

American really may not be the best country..

Deal with it and get it done.

Do this for the helpless

The ones who are desperate and suffering for any crumbs

This is a real issue and I pray for the sick

The world brings recovery soon

Be blessed for what's giving to you

If it wasn’t for you

You could be in the same situation as the kids praying for a savior Alec Lee Ducworth

This poem is about: 
Our world


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