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Will you ask me to stay?   I don't know what went wrong, We were supposed to last long. I tried my very best, But you ended up just like the rest.
Meaning to Time Why do I write? …. It’s putting meaning to time Revealing the struggles and the rebuttal’s that we feel in our lives and sometimes….
To say what I am I must say what I'm not, I must ruminate first about the things I have fought.
The world has taken focus on the way people treat each other,now people are upset on how they've been treated by one another.Most people can be rude or mean without even focusing,
I loved you both, can't you see? Loved too much You both loved me.   Differet as gold and sillver to me. alike an apart like coffe and tea.   Imperfecty perfect
When you love rhyming And rhyme a lot Then whatever you write Will somehow rhyme with the words On the paper you got. When you love rhyming  And rhyme a lot Then whatever you say 
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